Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I am so excited to have found and the Ultimate Blog Party!  This is my first year participating--and also my first year actively blogging.  I am a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom of three children (7,5, and 3).  The desire of my heart is to help moms find a balance between being present in their homes and living a passionate life doing the good things God intended for them from the beginning! 

You'll see that I'm still getting started, but my blog focuses on faith, family, and finances, sharing my heart, my life, and my experience with you.   I hope that you like what you see! 

Don't forget to check out all the other great blogs at the Ultimate Blog Party--and win great prizes, too!  Here are a few of my top picks: 

#5 a mini-cupcake kit for kids from great organization that supports critically ill children and their families--

#7 A tupperware prize pack (LOVE tupperware!) from

#25 A Thomas Jefferson Education from this site with great faith-based reviews!

#69 The Itty-Bitty Bookworm from I love this idea!  teaching preschool through literature!!!

#106-- The preschool Letter of the Week Curriculum from

My goodness--or any of the other great prizes!!!


Rachel said...

I always wanted to be a college professor! My life's ambition (postponed for kids at the time being). What do you teach? Fun finding you through UBP!

worryfreemom said...

Hi, Rachel! Thanks for visiting my site! I teach composition. Most of my classes are online, which is nice because I don't have to leave my kids! (This semester things got a little crazy, but only a few more weeks to go!)

Melissa said...

Glad to be partying with you! I'm now following! Hope you stop by!

Wani said...

Hope you're enjoying the party!

SuZ said...

Happy UBP10!!! Hope you have a great day! :)

Janene said...

Nice to have you at the UBP10 party. Stop by if you get a chance And see what we have to help you Stop Drop and Relax. Visit our store at and Prepare To Be Pampered.

Debbie said...

I am your newest follower from the UBP party. I like your blog.

Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose said...

Stopping by from the UBP...

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


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