Monday, February 22, 2010

Palmer Family December 09

Here is my lovely family in December--freezing even in Arizona weather. I am not nearly as accomplished a blogger as my talented sister-in-law, Janan, but I do have quite the busy life going on. :-)

Today was a great day...working from home is a million times better than working from, well, work! Spring Break began today at one of the three colleges I'm teaching for this semester, so I have MWF off! Funny what you can do when you're working from home...things like cuddling with your 3 year old who woke up from his nap cranky, teaching your daughter how to do cross stitch, and watching the kids try to climb trees at the park--oh and taking 5 minutes away from grading to swing higher than your daughter on the swings.

More is possible in 2010~many more of these days to come!

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