Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Night

Ryan & I had a wonderful date night last night.  We went to the movies with our friends and saw, you guessed it!, Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey.  If you haven't seen the previews, Date Night is a comedy about a couple who, scared by their friends' pending divorce, question their own marriage.  In an effort to revive the fire of their relationship, they visit a fancy restaurant where, since they are unable to get a table, they take another couple's reservation.  Unfortunately, the reservation they stole belongs to crooks, and the suburban couple finds themselves in a scary adventure full of hilarious comedy.  Despite the language (including the F-bomb) & not-so-subtle innuendos, I have not laughed so hard at a movie in a VERY long time!  The best part is the ending, in which the couple realizes that love is about making a choice--a choice to stick to the person you love, no matter what. 


Kelly said...

Why does Hollywood think movies will get better ratings if they throw in foul language? I wish they wouldn't do that. Glad you had a good time though!

worryfreemom said...

The movie would have been awesome with the bad language. In fact, for a while there I thought they skirted the issue by saying "f" instead of the word (still BAD, but not AS bad), but then there it came. The movie does have a good moral and is REALLY funny, but I could have done without the profanity and inappropriate situations.

worryfreemom said...

OK I meant WITHOUT the bad language. I was going to blame that typo on a late night, but at 1:19 in the afternoon, I'll just have to say I was tired. ;-)

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