Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

It is amazing to me how many people think that police in AZ will be walking around demanding ID from anyone who looks like they are not from the US.  Sheriff Joe was on CNN trying to explain what the new law means--simply that people who have committed a CRIME will be asked for their ID.  Police are busy enough keeping us safe (ironically from the illegals, who apparently commit the majority of homicides in AZ) that they aren't going to go around asking everyone they see for their ID.  People need to stop, take a deep breath, and actually READ THE LAW--it's not that long-- before they decide to 'hide illegals,' like the church leaders are planning to do.  I mean, really.

Yes, people can come here looking for a better life--but they need to do so legally, just like all the other LEGAL immigrants have done for 100s of years.  We are moving to Texas to make a better life for our family, but we're going to register our vehicles, register to vote, pay state taxes (oh, wait!  Texas doesn't have those!), etc.  I am very confused about why any law-abiding, tax paying citizen would want to take money away from his/her family to pay for the incarceration, education, and health care of criminals (yes ILLEGAL immigrants are criminals because they are breaking the law). 

Get informed people.


Kelly said...

Why don't you tell us how you really feel? ;-) I agree-I was reading about this law and another being considered having to do with Obaama's citizenship. The comments are almost funny. If they didn't represent how people really feel, then they would be funny! Most don't know the facts and choose to pretend it's the rest of the population that doesn't.

Diane said...

Well Karen, I was yelling at the television again last night....=+) I think it is funny that so many people who don't live in AZ have an opinion about what goes on in AZ. I also find it funny that the majority of the country will turn on that box in the room and believe anything and everything that comes out of it. Wait a minute, that is sad not funny. =+) I commend AZ for what it is doing. Your right, the illegals are breaking the law. If it wasn't such a problem then this law would not need exsist. I am all about compassion, but I am not going to feel sorry for someone who knowingly breaks the law and gets caught. If I did something illegal, no one would have sympathy for me. COME TO THIS COUNTRY THE RIGHT WAY! People have been doing it for years!

On a side note, Karen I posted my latest grocery adventure if you would like to see it.

worryfreemom said...

Thank you for commenting, ladies. I try to speak the truth in love. :-) When we were in CA last week, I couldn't be around a tv--they have CNN on everywhere. There was good ole Joe explaining exactly what the law means...and it was like people were deaf. A friend sent me an e-mail from a nurse in TX who talks about how people rent an apartment in the US, but live in Mexico. They line up at the border every morning to take their kids to school and collect their welfare checks. Kelly--I'd like to link that letter you e-mailed me...did you save the link? Diane--I'm heading to your site now!

Angela Peters said...

Just thought I would throw in another opinion....

I've studied and read the law and I am not ignorant (I take a little offense to that). I believe there is a reform in store for our immigration system. A reform that will pinpoint the real issues illegal immigration brings to this state. I think this law is misdirected. It will not protect us from the highly escalating
crime. I believe it will eliminate thousands of hard working humans and give excuses to racially profile. Yes, it's illegal to come to this country, settle down and not gain citizenship. I believe that most people don't apply for citizenship out of fear and ignorance. What are we doing as a state to guide and educate these people? What are we doing as Christians?

Sure, Joe Arpaio says we won't do randomn stops. . . I have a hard time trusting a 70-yr old Caucasion man who humilates thousands of people each year in Arizona (different subject, not going into it). Just three years ago, I was pulled over on Lake Mary Road in Flagstaff because the police man said my license plate light was burned out. He checked my I.D., asked if the child in the back was mine, asked my race and then let me go. . . I was terrified! Tim checked when we got home and my license plate light was fine. (Sarcastically) I don't believe racial profiling happens at all in this state!! This incident happened without this law.

Taxes. Yes, illegal immigrants don't file a 1040 EZ at the end of the year but they do contribute to our economy through other means. Our economy needs all the help it can get. Not through additional credit cards, not through mortgages that have overexceeded our home value, not through car payments but through cash. They work here, they buy groceries here, they buy clothes here. . . all contributing to our dying economy.

Mooching off the system?? How many Americans are unemployed? How many who could walk down to the nearest Wal-Mart or McDonald's and get a job. Yea, it might not be the job of their dreams but it would be a job. It would be a job. So, who is employed at those jobs we don't want?

What we are fighting is not the hard working illegal who is trying to save their family from an crime, disgust and death. We are fighting against Satan. We are fighting against the evils of this fallen world; drug addition, the lack of God's word in this world, selfishness and greed.
Compassion does not equal complacency. I think it's time we stop issueing blanket statements and dive into the problem, talk to the illegal immigrants, help them understand. It's not our job? Oh, if we call ourselves Christians we would never turn away an opportunity to shed God's love, right?

Diane said...


I agree with you on a few points. There are natural born American citizens that "mooch" off the system too and I do not begrudge people who want better for their family. Where I disagree is that we offered amnesty to 3 million illegals during the Reagan administration, because that would "fix" things. Now there are 12 million illegals. In addition, a large portion of the untaxed money does not stay in this country. It is sent back to Mexico. This is why 6 or 7 men or 2 or 3 families live in one house or trailer. It allows them to send more home. Home is not America to them, its Mexico.

I have a problem with anyone that doesn't try to contribute. It bothers me that I live in a city with one of the five trauma centers in my state and they are talking about calling it quits because they can't turn anyone away. I work in healthcare as does my husband and many of our friends. Because we are an Ag state, we have a very large migrant population. They don't go to the doctor, because they would have to pay that bill, they go to the ER, because they don't.

When my son was in HS half his soccer team was Hispanic. Several could barely speak English and all of them were legal citizens (another problem I have), born to illegal parents. ALL of them had quit school by my son's senior year. We spent roughly 200k educating each of them and they threw it back in our faces. The dropout rate for Mexican children is 70%. They are educated, they know what the deal is and they still don't care enough to take advantage of all that is given to them.

This is turning into a very long rant I didn't mean for it to. I just think that there are two sides to this. You can be a Christian, but unless I am mistaken there is nowhere in the bible that says we should be allowed to take complete advantage of others. We can be the bigger people, but I personally will protect my children and there safety, happiness and future. On the legal side, why are we protecting criminals? It is illegal, hence the name illegal immigrant.

worryfreemom said...

I'm glad that you have read the law. Most people who hold your position have not. However, when 83% of people wanted for homicide in this state are illegals, and the illegals are fleeing the state, it's difficult to see how this law will NOT lower crime.

You've stated that you think most people who come here don't apply for citizenship out of fear and ignorance. While there may be a few people here in that situation, it is certainly not the case for most people here illegally, no matter what their nationality. When our country spends $340 BILLION dollars a year on the healthcare, education, and incarceration of illegal immigrants, not to mention giving them welfare checks (which they smuggle back into Mexico) and food stamps, I am hard-pressed to see how they are here illegally out of ignorance. I like to think that people are just as smart as I am, no matter where they come from. They don't apply for citizenship because they like having a free ride. Otherwise, millions of people from around the world who HAVE applied for citizenship would not have done so. All of our official documents are available in other languages. And if the people here illegally didn't know it was a crime to be here illegally, they wouldn't be sneaking across the borders at night and running scared now.

In regard to the "economic benefits" of having illegals here, the paltry amount of sales tax they pay on items bought here (food is not taxed, and I'm betting that they would rather pay 1/3 of the cost for clothing, etc, in their own country--many US citizens do), does not make up for the billions we are spending on them.

Jesus had compassion on everyone, but He also told them to "go and sin no more." We can love people and help them without exonerating their wrong doing. Condoning the lying and stealing of illegal immigrants does not help them, any more than holding on to your own hateful prejudices helps support your argument.

One last comment...saying that white males in their 70s are automatically racist is pretty extreme. (& I truly hope you have forgotten that my grandpa is in that category) Assuming that all police officers (regardless of the fact that many, many of our officers are NOT white) are racial profiling is also offensive.

I know that it can be scary to be pulled over at night without having done anything wrong. As a teenager, that happened to me several times as officers mistook my vehicle for another person's. However, as soon as they verified who I actually was, I was free to go--just as you were. When Ryan drove through Eloy, he was pulled over and the officer essentially searched his car, but, again, when he realized that Ryan was who he said he was, he was free to go. Whenever we cross a state border, we are asked if our children are ours. Your experience did not occur because an officer 'profiled' you, but because an officer was doing his job, trying to protect and serve YOU.

In any case, thanks for taking a look at my blog. I'm glad that you commented. :-)


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