Monday, April 26, 2010

Refried Beans on the Capitol Building

The whole country is in an uproar about Arizona's new law.  People should think (or at least read all the information) before smearing refried beans all over the AZ capitol building.  These kinds of immature responses, and the lack of knowledge about the new law shown by its opponents, is quite telling.  I'm not sure why people seem to think that the US should be different from any other country in the world as far as border security.  There is no other country in the world where people can just show up and mooch off the citizens of that country with no repercussions. 

The new bill in AZ simply gives police officers the ability to enforce the law.  Any citizen who commits a crime can be detained until they can prove their identity.  The new law simply extends that privilege to illigal immigrants (key word here:  ILLEGAL!!!).  Police can't stop anyone on the street and demand their ID--they have to have committed an offense/crime.  Now, if someone is illegal, officers can take them in, instead of letting them go because ICE can't repond in a timely fashion.

83% of suspects in homicides in AZ are illegal immigrants.  Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers billions in healthcare costs, education costs, and criminal costs.  The Hispanic community in America contributes much to our culture.  And everyone is welcome to come to the US LEGALLY.  To use our services because they are paying taxes.   And to abide by our laws. 

The new law just ends the free ride for illegal immigrants, providing an incentive to come here legally.  We need to have faith in our officers that they will do what they've sworn to do--protect the citizens of AZ by enforcing the laws--instead of demonizing the men and women who put their lives on the line for us everyday by claiming that they will go around on a hispanic roundup.  These kinds of responses are what is offensive about the law--not the law itself.  Why are we putting people who are committing crimes (ILLEGAL immigrants) above our police officers? 


Kelly said...

I was listening to some debate about this when I was in Mesa the other day. I haven't read the details, but these talk show hosts had the notion that this opened the door for lawsuits. Apparently if the officer DOESN'T ask, and it's observed by someone else, that someone else can sue for not doing his/her job. Is that ridiculous or what?
I don't think I'll even read about the refried beans-will just upset me I'm sure!

Diane said...

Karen, I have been watching the news coverage on this quite closely and my husband has been laughing at me, because I have been yelling at the television, repeatedly! Sheriff Joe is my idol and I have followed his career quite closely. I live in Georgia and we have quite a problem here too. Not to the scale ya'll do, it seems.
One of the things that frustrate me to no end is that we provide a free education to the children of illegal’s and the drop out rate is over 75% (at least here). We have over crowded classrooms, behavior problems, etc... In addition, they do not even appreciate what is theirs, free for the taking (thanks to our open border, hold your hand out government).
Keep us up to date on this. I have a feeling the good parts are not going to be talked about in the news and sooner or later, something will take its place all together.

worryfreemom said...

It's interesting how many people misinterpret this bill. One gal was on the radio the other day saying she didn't think it was right that the police could come to her house and ask for her papers. The police can't do that--unless you've committed a crime! All this bill does is allow officers in AZ to enforce the federal law.

Anonymous said...

I agree with one thing, Karen, people have not read the law and are basing their opinion from the media.

Law enforcement CAN ask for your documents in any circumstance as long as they have resonable suspicion that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present.

Any person who is caught "smuggling of human beings" or transporting, harboring any person who is not a United States citizen are in violation of the law.

So let us blame/punish those who are fleeing from a destructive country dominated by ruthless druglords. Would Jesus turn away a man whos only mission is to save his family from these people? Would Jesus turn away a child in desperate need of an education? Would Jesus turn away from one more person to have the opportunity to create a relationship with Him?

As a Christian, I will be breaking the law when I invite a non-citizen into my house because they are hungry or need something to wear. As a Christian, I will be penalized for loving as the bible tells me to love, unconditionally and without judgement.

Don't worry people, the United States has made it almost impossible to get a documented job with a new system called E-Verify. It checks employees citizen status before you can even begin to work. The undocumented jobs (farming, construction, etc.) are now being raided. Those men who stand outside for hours, sometimes in unheard of temperatures, hoping someone needs their assistance, hoping they can bring home some money to feed their families today. I am pretty sure those employers who pick up illigal immigrants for work do it consciously and most often 'under the table', skipping out on whatever taxes they may. Is that a crime?

AZ would rather spend a minimum of $10 million to "allow officers in AZ to enfore the federal law" then to offer P.E. and Art in public schools. AZ would rather take the risk of shedding out thousands of more dollars for the possible lawsuits the law enforcement agency will endure in the next few years then maintain our national/state parks.

There will always be immigrants. A new law will not eliminate or erase people coming into this country. Only a genocide will do that. There will always be crime. In my family alone (all white citizens) have caused more crime and used more tax money then any of the illegal immigrants I know. Where is our compassion?

Since I don't look white, I guess I should start wearing my drivers license and birth certificate around my neck like a dog. Thanks Arizona!

Kelly said...

Anonymous: Unless you are doing something illegal, the police will not take the time to randomly stop and ask people for their ID. If AZ were not spending so much to educate the children of illegal immigrants, there might be money for PE and art. Did you know that we spend over $240,000 PER STUDENT in AZ? This new law just gives teeth to existing laws, it doesn't change anything.
Yes, Jesus had compassion for people, but He also commanded us to follow those placed in authority over us. Instead of being complacent about just letting them stay illegally, why not work with them to become legal citizens?
I also have my doubts about the effectiveness of e-verify. Large corporations are hiring illegals with full knowledge that they are illegal, then snitching to INS, just to keep INS out of the factory.
It's a difficult problem, but ignoring it doesn't make it go away. I'm glad the law was passed.

worryfreemom said...

Anonymous, the new law is keeping people from coming into our country, actually. At least into AZ. :-)

There are many millions of people who are here legally who have fled the conditions in their countries. We should welcome these people with open arms. However, saying that we should allow people to break the law out of compassion is like saying that it's ok for people to rob banks if they are hungry enough. The new law is not outlawing immigration, but making sure that everyone who comes here does so legally.

People who are here illegally are lying and stealing from us every day. Condoning that behavior makes us complicit in it. Since the Bible is very clear that liars and thieves won't get into Heaven, it seems to me that we should make it clear that coming here illegally is not the way to do it.

Yes, the system needs to be reformed, but that doesn't preclude enforcing the law. Just because innocent people sometimes get sent to jail doesn't mean that we stop arresting people who commit murder.

And enforcing the law does not mean that we can't be compassionate.

Kelly said...

This might say it in a way that the opposition can understand.


By Allan Wall

May 5, 2010

The Obama administration and the Leftist Media (do I repeat myself?), the Hispanic Lobby and the Mexican Government are attacking a law recently passed by the great state of Arizona. The law is SB 1070, passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Jan Brewer.

This law is being condemned in a most hysterical manner, and its opponents are doing what they can to delegitimize and undermine it. It may yet be stricken down by our court system.

The law has even been called “Nazi” and “racist.” Sounds bad.

What is SB 1070 all about, anyway?

What the law does is simply confirm in Arizona law what is already illegal in federal law – illegal immigration.

What makes it so controversial is that the federal government has failed to enforce immigration law – and has even encouraged it.

That causes lots of problems for border states like Arizona. So the Grand Canyon state has decided to fight back. SB 1070, supported by the majority of Arizonans, and passed lawfully by its state government, allows Arizona police to, in the normal course of their duties, take immigration law into account.

Ironically, in Mexico, local police are required to cooperate with immigration authorities. But the Mexican government wants to prevent Arizona police from doing the exact same thing.

The hysterical opposition to SB 1070 indicates that the Obama administration, the Hispanic Lobby and the Mexican Government, who monitor this kind of thing, know that it can be effective.

What do the enemies of SB 1070 really want? They don’t really want Arizona, and the U.S. in general, to enforce its own immigration law.

This explains the hysterical opposition to SB 1070. That’s why the courageous state of Arizona is now facing all sorts of ugly rhetoric and threats of boycotts.

I say congrats to Arizona. The law is a step in the right direction. Hopefully more states will enact similar laws.

On May 1st, illegal aliens and fellow travelers throughtout the U.S. carried out their now-customary May Day march. This was already scheduled before the passage of SB 1070, but it gave them one more thing, besides their regular demand for amnesty, to bellyache about.

We are told that illegal aliens must be given amnesty, to bring them out of the shadows. The shadows? Illegal aliens (and their fellow travelers) march openly in the streets, sometimes brandishing a foreign flag, to demand they be legalized.

In Mexico, where I lived for a decade and a half, foreigners are strictly forbidden from getting involved in politics. From time to time, a hapless American or European is tossed out of the country for marching in a political demonstration.

In the U.S., however, illegal aliens, and lots of them, march openly and nothing is done to stop them.

Why can’t immigration authorities show up at these rallies, detain the illegals, and summarily deport them?

That’s what a country which defended its own sovereignty would have done . Or better yet, a country that defended its sovereignty would not have let so many illegals into the country to begin with.

That would be a country that defended its sovereignty – not be confused with our country, that is.

Go Arizona!

© 2010 Allan Wall - All Rights Reserved

worryfreemom said...

Great article, Kelly! Thanks for posting.

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