Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What good does recycling do if my husband dumps the recyclables in the trash on trash day?  Seriously. 

I do try really hard to recycle--it's really not that much more difficult to put cans, bottles, and cereal boxes in a bin in the garage rather than in the trash.  And not too much of a hassle to bring the bin to town.   The chickens love to eat the leftover scraps from the table, too, reducing the amount of garbage in the compactor.  (I do refuse to feed chickens leftover eggs and chicken--something just too weird about that!) 

I don't believe in global warming or government control of...well of anything, but I do believe in taking care of the earth--and somehow huge piles of trash covered in dirt don't really seem to fit the bill.  We're not perfect here in the Palmer household, but we do try.  Am I going to freak out about a light left on or a bottle not recycled...nope.  But if everyone just does a little bit, that adds up to a lot. 


Kelly said...

Yeah, we all try and I think that's what God desires. Hearts that are willing to learn and try to do what's right. We used our wood stove all winter for heat (I know there's environmental debate about that, but it made us less reliant on an outside source-one of our goals) but my husband still used lighter fluid to do it. Oh well.

Melissa said...

You know, I don't care to dispute or argue for global warming. What I do think, though, is that everyone should recycle. The amount of garbage we produce is absolutely disgusting!

Being "green" is the cleanest way to live and is the easiest way to save money!

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