Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whole Wheat Bread

I've decided that a super short post is in order after my super long post the other day!  lol

I made whole wheat bread yesterday--and it turned out really good!

So here's how I did it:

1)  Heat 2 1/2 c milk & 2 T butter to 110 degrees.

2)  Add 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, and a package of yeast.  Wait for yeast to fully dissolve.

3)  Mix in 4 T molasses and 3/4 cup whole wheat flour.

4)  Mix in flour, one cup at a time until dough is ready.

5) Let rise one hour.

6) Punch down, put in bread pans, let rise 1 hour.

7) Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

I think you could probably add in more than 3/4 c whole wheat flour, and I thought about adding in some whole wheat, too.  I combined Tim's basic recipe with a Betty Crocker recipe in my old BC cookbook.  It's yummy! 


Diane said...

I decided to leave a comment here too. The bread turned out wonderful! One entire loaf was gone by the end of dinner. Thanks so much for sharing. I should have logged on earlier and told you how well it went over.

Question about the wheat bread. Did you use just 3/4 of a cup of whole wheat and the rest bread flour or did you use all whole wheat?

Kelly said...

I spoke with Paula of Paula's bread at the homeschool convention Saturday and she said to use SAF yeast and then you can use 100% whole wheat flour w/o it becoming a brick. I haven't tried yet but I did buy the yeast.

Diane said...

huh, SAF yeast? I will have to look for that next time I am at the store. Thanks for the tip!

worryfreemom said...

Yes, I only used 3/4 cups of whole wheat (as per the BC recipe). What is SAF yeast? I guess I could google it... lol

My mom said she gave up baking bread when we were little because 1/2 of it was always gone the first night. lol

Kelly said...

SAF is just the brand name. She said it's a cleaner yeast that commercial bakers use. I've seen and heard of it before, but not sure I've seen it in the grocery store. Maybe a restaurant supply place in town?

Diane said...

Did a bit of Googling and SAF and Redstar are the same brand. Here is a link to the site. There is a store locator link on the left, near the bottom. I found one store here in Savannah that carries it. Let me know if anyone tries it with all whole wheat flour.


worryfreemom said...

I found the Redstar yeast, but haven't tried it yet. I made whole wheat bread a few weeks ago with 2 cups whole wheat--the bread tasted great, but was very dense and didn't rise hardly at all.

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