Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Riding a Bike!?!

One of the great things about our new neighborhood is that you can walk everywhere--or ride bikes.  Our kiddos love to ride bikes, but, even though I actually won a bike in a Mother's Day contest at Sears (before I was a Mom!), I never rode it.  In fact, I haven't ridden since I was a kid, when Tim, Laura, and I used to take turns racing up and down the road on the one bike we all shared. 

So, when our new neighbors proposed that we all take a bike ride down to the river--and generously loaned Ryan & I bikes to boot--we accepted, everyone in the family except me with excitement.  Me?  I was scared to death! 

The bike I borrowed was an old men's bike, modified to suit my neighbor, Holley.  Unlike the kids' bikes, my feet did not reach the ground when I sat on the seat, which freaked me out even more.  It took me a few tries (and Ryan holding on to the bike for me!) just to get on and get going.  Stopping was another dramatic event--one that usually ended with me jumping on one foot away from the bike to avoid a major crash. 

Thankfully, we made it down to the river, where we found a nice shallowish place for the kids to play.  The current was a little strong, so they couldn't really experience the joys of the river--but the kids did have fun floating downstream to Ryan, where I pulled them on shore.  ;-)  And Ryan had fun with our neighbor, Landon, on the rope swing, although neither one of them was brave enough to do a back flip.  I didn't get very wet--I was positive that the sore bum I already had would be worse if I was also dealing with a wet suit!

At dusk, we set off back home.  I was much more confident this time and even got off the bike (mine is the green one--Ryan is holding Megan's bike in this pic, and the little ones--Luke, Jack, and Josyan rode on the Big Dummy with Landon) without falling down at the end of the ride.  After 3+ miles round trip, I felt much more at ease on the bike, though today I am finding sitting down anywhere a tad difficult.  I have some bruises that I hope will go away soon!  :-) 

I am proud of myself, though, for getting back on a bike and taking a risk.  It was worth it!

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