Friday, July 23, 2010

A day in New Braunfels

I thought it would be fun to take you with us through a day here in New Braunfels.  :-)  We start out, of course, by liberally spraying everyone with bug spray!  Then, we just start walking!  It's so fun to have so much to do within walking distance.  On this day, we are setting out to the Farmer's Market, where there is live music, lots of fresh produce, & other fun stuff. 

After walking around and making some yummy purchases, including some ground beef, a whole chicken, tomatoes, and bell peppers, we decide to stop for some breakfast burritos and fresh lemonade. 
After stashing our bounty safely at home, we decide to head back to town to check out the Red Rooster, an antique store and restaurant.  After browsing through the store, we head off in search of a snack.  And we find a brand new bakery called Tarts!  We enjoyed our delicious cupcakes, and went back for more the next day for the free grand opening cupcakes.  :-)
Later on, we have an impromptu water party in the backyard with all of the neighbors.  With 6 boys ages 1-10, we had quite a lot of fun.  Megan hid out next door with her friend, Vanessa, playing Monopoly. 
And we round off the day with hotdogs at home--grilled on our itty bitty charcoal grill. 


Diane said...

It sounds like you are settling in quickly. Isn't it great living somewhere with so much to do!

worryfreemom said...

Diane-It is fun to live somewhere with lots to do. I think that we had fun stuff to do in Camp Verde, but it wasn't as easy to get to. ;-)

Kelly said...

Sounds fun!

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