Thursday, July 15, 2010

Famous People in New Braunfels

We have been doing some research this morning on one of the famous people who lives in New Braunfels--Charlie Duke, one of the 12 men who have walked on the moon! Looking at the information about him and the other men, it's interesting that 1) they were all in their late 30s and 40s--not young guys! (Charlie was the youngest at 36 1/2) & 2) no one has been on the moon since the early 70s.

Reading his biography on Wikipedia, I was impressed by one piece of his personal information--He became a Christian after walking on the moon.  I think that having that information included is really neat.  In looking more at Charlie's life on his website and watching some videos, we find that his love of Christ is of more worth to him than his great accomplishments in his life--both as an astronaut and a businessman.

Charlie published a book called Moonwalker about his experiences in 1990, and he has produced two videos--Walk on the Moon, Walk with the Son and Moonwalker.  His wife, Dottie, also published a book about her testimony, called An Astronaut's Wife--Her Story:  From Sadness to Joy.  You can find out more about Charlie and his wife, and even watch clips of Charlie giving his testimony on his website.  I hope you enjoy learning about the Dukes as much as we have!

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