Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting for Jack--Review

While in California at an Author 101 workshop, I had the opportunity to hear Kristin Moeller speak and meet her in person.  Kirsten speaks from her heart, with a genuine, but authoritative tone.  Her book, Waiting for Jack, reflects her life experiences dealing with addiction and an eating disorder, as well as her professional expertise as a counselor and coach. 

Waiting for Jack calls readers out, in a conversational way, showing us all how we are impeding our own progress in life.  Whether we are waiting for someone (or something) else to bring us happiness or blaming our problems on something outside of ourselves, Moeller reminds us that our happiness and our success are in our hands--not someone else's.  Every day we make choices about what we believe about ourselves and our lives and about what actions we will take. 

Because she speaks from personal experience, the advice is a little easier to take.  Overall, this is a well-written wake up call to all of us--a call to start living our lives and stop waiting for life to happen to us. 

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