Monday, March 22, 2010

Will Healthcare Reform Save Social Security?

Many Americans have been shocked by the blatant disregard for what we want as politicians in Congress pushed this bill through via bribes, back door deals, and lies, lies, lies.  Like Tiger Woods, who stated that he thought he could do anything he wanted because he's a celebrity, members of Congress seem to think that their status in Congress allows them to do whatever they want.  They've forgotten, apparently, or they don't care, that they were voted in as representatives of the people.

While the health care bill still has to get back through the Senate and the storm of lawsuits debating the bill's constitutionality, its passage reflects an uncertain future for American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I personally am worried about many issues within the mandated health care, though I'm glad that (at least for now) my membership in Samaritan Ministries exempts my participation in a health care plan that funds abortion.

It seems to me that the democrats in Congress, rather than admitting that their socialist ideas haven't worked (welfare, medicare, social security), are trying to make things appear to be working.  When Social Security passed in 1935, the average life expectancy for Americans was around 62.  The minimum retirement age?  65!  So, who was to get all those benefits that everyone was paying into the system?  Very few!  Now, our life expectancy is 78.  So, a system that was designed to help a VERY FEW people for a FEW years, now has to support millions for at least 13 years past retirement.  No wonder the system is failing.

So, the response of the government isn't to say, "well, this isn't working anymore--we need to phase this out.  We need to put this back in the hands of the people."  No.  The response is, "let's come up with a new health care reform that will reduce life expectancy and reduce the quality of care so we can SAY that our plan works!"  From Obama's own lips, we have an assurance that people who aren't contributing to society should get a pain pill, rather than life-saving treatment.  Who specifically is he referring to? The elderly and the disabled.  In effect, this reduces the life expectancy, makes Social Security solvent, and makes the democrats the short-term heroes.


Kelly said...

When will we as a society push back and say STOP! This is NOT what our Constitution says and YOU CAN'T DO THIS! I hope this is held up in courts long enough to vote these people out. I saw a cartoon that said "clean the house, and while you're at it, clean the senate too!"

worryfreemom said...

Great quote! I'm hoping that this display of arrogance wakes people up--and that they stay awake. I feel like our freedom is at stake here--and once the government takes control of our economic freedoms, our religious freedoms are next. We're at a pivotal point in our history--we need to fight for our freedom here, or we'll lose America as we know it.

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