Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Thing?

hIn the back corner of a giant souvenir shop in the middle of nowhere, Arizona, is a door with a sign:  "See the Thing!"  What is the thing?  I have no idea!  But billboards for miles created curiosity, and even though we didn't pay $1 each to see this mysterious Thing, we're left wondering...what monstrosity exists in that back room?  Did we miss out on something really cool?  And who came up with this great advertising ploy?

By creating curiosity, he/she attracts customers, which, of course, generates revenue!  This place was hopping--and people were buying more than snacks for the road.  So, how can we create this kind of curiosity in our businesses?  Putting up a billboard on the road to your house is probably not the best way to do it...although I did recently hear an interesting tip about running for a local office so you can put signs in everyone's yards...

How about being your success story?  If your business is in the health & wellness field, be the healthiest, most well person you can be.  People will does she always feel so great?  If your business is makeup--you'd better look amazing all the time.  Kitchen products?  Show off your amazing culinary skills with your company recipes in your cool cookware!  YOU are a walking billboard for your product.  If you represent it well, people will want to try it, too.  They'll tell you how great you look, ask for your secrets, etc.  Create'll attract customers and generate income.

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