Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, I made it back!  I had trouble sleeping Tuesday night, so, with three hours of sleep, I left AZ at 3am, arriving home around 9:00 last night.  16 hour drives are NOT fun with no other adult, but I can't imagine trying it with no one else in the car--Ryan's done it twice.  WOW!

Thankfully, I have super awesome kids and lots of people praying for me.  So many times yesterday, I just said, "God...I need help.  I can't keep going!"  And then I would get a rush of energy and my head would clear--I knew that my friends were praying for me.  :-)  So, my best advice for long road trips?  Make sure your friends are praying!!!

Have a great weekend!



Kelly said...

glad you made it home-how long did you sleep after that?!

worryfreemom said...

Thankfully, I did get to sleep in a little the next day, but I feel like I'm still recovering. ;-) Maybe next week I'll feel back to normal???


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