Friday, May 13, 2011

My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart, by Susan May Warren, is a cute book set in the town of Deep Haven.  A woman confined to her home by her extreme fear leads a secret life as a syndicated talk show host who gives advice on love to her listeners.  Despite her faith, the tragic accident that took her mother's life and paralyzed her father has left Isadora Presley wounded and fearful--and unable even to visit her father. 

Then, Caleb Knight moves in next door.  A veteran with a missing leg, Caleb is a candidate for the high school coaching position, and he has troubles of his own.  Though he has overcome his fear, he has not overcome his pride.  Wanting the position on his own merits, not because he has a disability, Caleb comes close to missing an opportunity to really connect with the team and with the people in the town he is growing to love--and almost loses the one job he really wants.

Caleb and Isadora find that they understand each other, and even like each other.  But their romance is interrupted by the crush that Isadora has on one of her radio callers--who turns out to be none other than Caleb.  The misunderstandings and mishaps that come from this unlikely connection make for some interesting moments in the story and ultimately bring both characters to healing and a deeper understanding of their relationship with God. 

My Foolish Heart is a fun read that leaves you with a smile, but, due to some adult issues faced by some of the side characters, it may be one best left for adult readers.   

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