Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Unexpected...

You may know that I am speaking with my License to Dream co-authors at the Women's Conference in Phoenix on Saturday.  I am really excited about this great opportunity to introduce our first Master Class, as well as to spread the word about SendOutCards throughout the day.  However, I have been most excited about getting to see my family and friends after almost a year of being here in Texas. 

We were planning to drive out and spend the week...maybe even stay until Mother's Day.  But, of course, the unexpected happened, and Ryan can't leave as scheduled.  He's staying here in Texas to finish a project.  So, rather than cancel the trip altogether, I am driving out to AZ on my own with the kids.   I'm a little apprehensive about this adventure, but I think that, like all things that are unexpected and take a little bit of courage, it will make me stronger and braver.  I like that.

So, I want to encourage you--whatever is happening in your life that is unexpected--whether it's scary or hard or fun or whatever--choose to seek the good that can come out of moving through that unexpected circumstance.  :-)



Aubrey said...

like it!!! reminds me of eleanor roosevelt's "you must do the thing you cannot do" quote. that always helped me get through scary firsts.

Kelly said...

I hope I'll get to see you! Be safe and check in with family often, but most of all, ENJOY the journey!

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