Friday, October 8, 2010

What's Your Why?

The other night, I read a new book called Stay the Course: Lessons Learned on my SendOutCards Journey, by Adam Packard (you can buy the book at the link above or send it to yourself in a card through SendOutCards if you have an account).  I bought the book while I was at the SendOutCards 2010 Convention last weekend.  Adam is a leader in SendOutCards, but also a person who always took the time to say 'hello.'  I admire him because of his ability to lead and because of his ability to make even those just getting started feel like part of the family, and I was excited to be able to support him by buying his book AND to get some great tips on building my business (of course!).

One of the first chapters in the book is about finding your 'why.'  Your 'why' is your big dream--your passion, your purpose, your reason for doing whatever it is that you're doing.  Knowing your 'why' will help you get through anything in your life.  As I read through the 'whys' of several of the SendOutCards leaders I know and admire, I found myself teary-eyed.   (These are just the bare bones--you'll have to get the book yourself to read the stories behind these whys!)

Listen to this:

"I'm building a successful SendOutCards business so that when I'm not here, my family will be financially secure."  David Frey

"I wanted to be home!  I wanted to be with my family!  I wanted to sit down at night with a home-cooked meal and ask my wife and kids face to face how their days had been."  Demarr Zimmerman

"My why is having the time and money to experience Grandma's Ami (Miami) with all of my grandkids."  Dave & Lori Smith

All of these statements are based on a deep, heart-felt need for MORE out of life--more than just running the ratrace and getting a paycheck week after week.  More time with family, more relationships, more freedom, more time to be.

My why?  My why is bigger than me sometimes.  It swells up in my heart until I can't stand it.  My why is to know that I know that my family is taken care of--no matter what.  To know that we'll never have another penny of debt.  To be able to help my family with whatever they need.  To be able to do good around the world. 

At Convention, David Frey showed us a picture of the school he is building in South America.  Up until that point, I had forgotten a childhood dream of mine--to build an orphanage.  Those of you who know me well know that I have always had a heart for adoption.  I don't know where that came from--from Jo's Boys (Louisa May Alcott), perhaps?  But along the way, I 'realized' that I could never build an orphanage and that dream slipped away.  Well, thanks to David's awesome photo--it's back.  That is a huge part of my why--a piece that I didn't even realize was there.  How amazing it is going to feel to be able to call up our good friends Tim & Kathy Mclean (Foundation Stone Ministries) and say, "hey, we're building you an orphanage--where can we send the check?"

Regardless of whether your goals are financial or health-related or spiritual, knowing your why will help you to reach them.  Dig deep.  Dream big.  Go out and do the good things that God created you to do.  Remember--"All things are possible through Christ who gives you strength!" 

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Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing. How was the convention?

Kelly said...

PS-The link to Foundation Stone Ministries doesn't work.

worryfreemom said...

Convention was amazing, Kelly! Loved it! :-) Thanks for letting me know about the link--I'll fix it. :-)

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