Monday, October 25, 2010

Just another Monday..

Do you remember the Manic Monday song?  "Just another manic Monday...wish it were Sunday...that's my fun day!"  I used to love singing that song along with the radio on Monday mornings, and I was just thinking how apt the song is today.  ;-) Sundays are our fun days...going to church, then out to lunch, then to the library.  It's always a fun day of family time. 

Josyan asks Ryan every morning, "Do you have to go to work today, Daddy?"  When Ryan says, "Not today."  Josyan says, "Yay!  Daddy Fun Day!"  ;-)  And it certainly is fun to spend the day as a family, even when I still have to work.  

And then comes Monday.  Even though Mondays for me no longer mean driving 90 miles to work, they still seem a little sad, especially when the sky is overcast.  (Of course, that could just be the clouds!)  On days like these, I just want to bake some chocolate chip cookies and curl up with a book or watch a movie with my kiddos.  But, alas, we have schoolwork and work work and house work.  lol

And just when I'm starting to feel a little down...I remember that I have a Plan.  A plan that will make every day a Daddy Fun Day.  Of course, the kids will still have school work, but Ryan & I will no longer have work work, and I will hire someone to do my house work. (hurray!!!) I am pursuing my dreams of financial freedom and making a difference in the world--and I'm doing that from my home.  How great is that?!


Kelly said...

I love having home as our base! We're looking for property that has a workshop on it so Tony can work from home too!

worryfreemom said...

I know that you'll find the perfect place! I don't think that God intended for the family to be separated all the time--little boys should be hanging out with their dads and little girls with their moms, and the whole family should be together! :-) I love the passage in the OT where it says that men who just got married should just stay home and make their wives happy for a year (or is it 2?). :-)


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