Saturday, September 18, 2010

Settling in..

The past week has been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  Putting furniture together and reorganizing rooms is a lot of work.  BUT having a couch to sit on, a beds to sleep in, and our own pretty stuff back has been pretty amazing. For the kids, it's been like Christmas.  Opening up their long lost box of stuffed friends was one happy reunion after another!  Megan has been pining for her Bitty Baby since we left AZ, and her baby, in June.  The boys are super excited to have a new bunk bed, skillfully crafted out of their original captains beds by my awesome hubby.  ;-)  

From this: 

To this:

The drawers, Ryan stacked to make steps (on the right).  Gave us so much more room--and a lot of fun for the boys who have always wanted bunk beds! 

Megan has a 'grown-up" room now, with a queen bed.   She LOVES it!  Josyan, apparently, does, too, as he sneaks in her room every morning.  Tristan was very proud of himself this morning though, that he slept in his bunk bed all night long.  ;-) 

It's amazing how well our 'stuff' suits our new house--sort of like it was meant to be.  I was so worried that our furniture would be too large for our home here, but it just seems to fit perfectly.  I feel very comfortable and at home.  It's a nice feeling.  :-)


Kelly said...

How nice that you are getting to settle in! Do you have more pictures of the rest of the house to post?

worryfreemom said...

I don't yet, but I will take some, since you asked. ;-)

Aubrey said...

awesome karen! i think downsizing can be a really good thing. we too were afraid of not having the same space and our furniture not fitting, but it actually looks better in our tiny cozy house then the old one. i think it's a sign ;) congratulations on new beginnings and marrying a very handy guy :)
and yes, more pics. please!

Anonymous said...

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