Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We have successfully contained all the mess to the garage!  I am so happy, although Ryan is now ready to get the garage organized.  YUCK!  I know that means more boxes to unpack and more things to try to squeeze into the cupboard space I have left.  Thankfully the many dresser drawers we now have opened up a LOT of storage space.  I think we'll be able to get the majority of the "important" stuff inside.  It's amazing how wonderful it feels to have everything all organized and have a 'home' again! 

I took some pictures today for you...

Here's the Kitchen:
I love the pot rack Ryan hung up--it opened up two shelves in my cupboards!  To the right of the pot rack is a door into the boys' room, which you already saw, and the dining room:

Ryan went a little crazy with the pictures on the far wall.  He says it's modern and cool; I think it looks a little busy.  I'm letting him have his way, for now.  ;-)  To the left out of the picture is the hutch and a french door into the living room.  To the far left is another french door into the living room and the hallway to Megan's room.
I need to get a queen sized quilt for Megan's bed, but this one has great colors for the room.  Lucky Megan has a bathroom in her room, but she does have to share with the boys.  Down the hall from Megan is our room:
And through our room is another door into the living room:
(The door to our room is to the left of the piano.)  And behind me is the breakfast room/school room:
I love all the windows in this room--it's so bright and sunny!  I'm looking forward to working/sewing in here, too. 

And that's the house.  :-)


Kelly said...

It's lovely! It looks wonderful, thanks for the pictures!

worryfreemom said...

Thanks, Kelly! :-)

Diane said...

What an adorable house! Thanks for sharing. I too love big windows.

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