Friday, September 3, 2010

Jungle Warfare

In Jungle Warfare, Christopher Cunningham, a sales professional and a lay minister, provides men and women in sales with a solid, Biblically based devotional that will help them to focus on God and improve their sales results.  Based on his grandfather's WWII Field Manual, Cunningham aptly relates the dangers soldiers find at war in the jungle to the dangers Christan sales professionals face in the real world.

Each chapter begins with an excerpt from Cunningham's grandfather's field manual that contains instructions for dealing with the dangers in the jungle, including everything from wild hogs to contact with the enemy.  In the short devotion that follows, Cunningham relates the excerpt to a common "danger" faced by the sales professional, giving him/her a 'Battle Plan" to address the danger and overcome it through the Word and prayer.  Readers are asked to think about their own lives and sales' practices, to pray, and to reflect on how they can better serve God in their sales' careers.

At the end of the book, Cunningham includes a "Field Support" section, almost a mini-Bible Promises for the salesperson.  Covering everything from what to do with competition to depression, this is a great resource for finding the right verse to speak to many of the issues dealt with by folks in sales, particularly traveling sales.

The manual is not comprehensive, but it is a great 22 day devotional that provides short, to the point, and helpful advice based soundly on Biblical principles.  The Field Guide format is interesting and makes for some insightful connections between the Christian life and the soldier's life.  After all, we are fighting a battle every day, though the battle is spiritual, not physical.  Whether you are a traveling salesman or a network marketer, this book is a helpful resource to have on hand at all times.

**I received this book as part of the Book Sneeze program in exchange for reading and writing a review.  All opinions here are my own.   **

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