Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you know what a GMO is?

Do you know what a GMO is?  I didn't have a clear understanding of the concept of GMOs until I watched this video:

After watching the video, I went through my cupboards and was shocked at the many, many things that contain GMOs, after all, corn is everywhere--corn starch, corn syrup, corn.  My kids' favorite veggie?  Corn.  A lot of kids' foods aren't "safe" according to the video--not even Cheerios!  Here's a downloadable booklet that tells you at a glance what is safe and what's not:  I also downloaded a GMO app for my i-phone.  It's not comprehensive, but I can at least

Of course, the best way is to produce your own food.  Here's a great website where you can get corn seed that is NOT GMO:  It also has some fun heirloom varieties of flowers and veggies and the history of each one. 

For more info, here are some other websites: (a fun blog about a mom who did an experiment with her kids)


Kelly said...

I gave copies of that non GMO foods booklet to my sisters in law for Christmas. It's hard to avoid all corn and by products, but we have greatly reduced our consumption simply by not eating processed, junk or fast foods. We tried growing our own corn from heirloom seed last summer, but Molly the goat got it before we did! Also, I read that corn can cross pollinate up to a mile away and I'm sure we aren't further than that from Hausers farm AND we're downwind.

We also stopped eating all cold breakfast cereals a couple of years ago because of the manufacturing process. Try looking up "extrusion" on YouTube and see if you can find anything. I read about it in a book.

worryfreemom said...

It's scary! One of my friends at the farmer's market told me that there are very, very few corns available that aren't GMO anymore--if we don't stop this now, there won't be any left! Baker Creek tests their seeds before they send them out, but the cross pollination thing is scary!

I'll look up extrusion.


Aubrey said...

have you seen food inc.? lots of great info about our food sources also the weston price website has a ton of good info.
it's great that you are aware of the dangers of gmo crops and are spreading the word. many people assume the fda is looking out for us and unfortunately that's not the case. we have to take our health into our own hands!
btw, loved your card!! thank you for sending. you have a beautiful family!

worryfreemom said...

I haven't seen Food Inc yet. My new friend Amber (a local farmer) is loaning me videos one week at a time! Last week, I watched Two Angry Moms. Even though my kids aren't in the school system, it was great to watch. My kiddos watched with me, so they are getting informed, too. :-) This week, I have Fresh. :-)


PS So glad you liked the card! I have a ton of fun sending them! :-)

Kelly said...

We haven't seen Fresh yet. Think she'd be willing to loan it all the way to AZ?
You need to watch Food, Inc, Food Matters, The Future of Food, and The Beautiful Truth. If your friend loans you any not on that list, let me know so we can try to get them.

worryfreemom said...

I will, Kelly! I think there were a few--I will try to remember to check her list on Saturday when we go to the Farmer's Market & let you know! :-)

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