Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Begins!

I love this time of year!  Warm days, cool mornings...the smell of spring!  I think, though that watching my garden grow is one of my favorite things in the spring.  Yesterday I noticed that my corn is starting to sprout and there are blossoms on the sweet peas.  One broccoli plant has survived, and I could probably harvest enough spinach for a small salad.  ;-)  This year I'm especially excited that we have peaches on our trees for the first time, though we probably won't be here to harvest them.  One apple, a few pears, and possibly a few apricots are out there, too.  

I find that gardening reminds me of the miracle of life.  That one tiny seed can become a plant that provides nourishing food amazes me.   And it is a reminder that the tiniest seed can blossom in a person's life, too.  Whether a kind word or a smile, we can make a true difference in another person's life.  And as that seed blossoms, that person will also produce fruit that can nourish and bless many others. 


Kelly said...

Good reminder, Karen! We haven't even planted our garden yet.

If no one has laid claim to it yet, we'd LOVE to pick whatever fruit is left behind after you move. You're really leaving, huh?

Diane said...

Karen, I haven't had a "real" garden in a couple of years. We have a small backyard and every year I would tear up half the yard and plant everything I could think of. Two years ago, we agreed to sod the yard and we agreed that I would promise not to tear up the yard (haha my husband knows me well enough to make me promise this). This year I have a suprise though. After two years I have something that has worked its way up through the sod. It is too early to tell if it is squash or watermelon (I can't remember exactly where I ended the w.melon and started the squash last garden year). Anyway, after two years I have a suprise. I am like a kid out there everyday looking for blooms trying to figure out what I have to look forward to!

worryfreemom said...

That is so much fun! I love surprises. We have square foot gardens that are about 1ft above the ground, and I do a lot of planting in pots. Right now I have strawberries and potatoes in pots out front. My husband made me a topsy turvy tomato planter last summer out of a paint bucket. Lots of ways to plant without disturbing the lawn! :-)

Diane said...

Oh yes, I have pots everywhere! =+) That is a good idea with the paint bucket. I may have to try that next year. I have netting strung across part of a fence by our patio and tomato plants, beans and loofa (thought it would be fun to try and make sponges)I miss the traditional though. We have the mystery plants in the yard, lavender, all kinds of herbs, spinach and on and on. I'll plant anything!

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