Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There's nothing like packing up everything to make you face up to the fact that you just have too much stuff! Last week, in preparation for the upcoming move to Texas, I had the kids reduce their toys by half. Yet, today, as I packed their rooms up into box after box after box, I realized that they still have just too much. I wonder, if I 'lost' this box, would they even notice?

What about my own stuff--the boxes of sheets and towels and extra pillows and blankets. Really? Do I REALLY need all this stuff? Of course, the answer is a resounding NO. And yet, into the boxes goes all the stuff. By this weekend, there may be more than leftovers in the moving sale...we'll see. :-)


Kelly said...

Are you having another sale? Do you have a forwarding address yet?

Thanks for the hens-they keep to themselves still, but if they're like others we've brought home, they'll integrate soon. They wandered off somewhere yesterday and were gone all day, but came to the hen house about 730. Wouldn't it be interesting to put a web cam on one and see where they go?

lou said...

we r going through the same thing right now... and moving into a house half the size. it's amazing how much we don't need. i am loving simplifying!!!!! good luck with your move!

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