Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raw Milk...

So, this week we are going on Friday to get raw milk for the 3rd time!  We get our milk from Stryk Dairy,  which is one of the few farms certified to sell raw milk.  They are inspected every day by the TX health department, which is great because I know that we are drinking milk that is produced with the highest standards, is healthier for us, and tastes great! (Josyan says that the milk from the farm is the best--and he was disappointed when we ran out!)

The claims that raw milk is dangerous are based upon the conditions at factory dairies, where filth and disease run rampant and cows are fed feed, rather than grass.  Raw milk from such dairies is dangerous.  However, raw milk from a clean, grass-fed cow (or goat!) milked in a clean barn is definitely NOT dangerous.   In fact, we happily drank the goat's milk we received when Ryan milked our neighbor's goat back in AZ! 

If you are contemplating trying raw milk, I highly encourage you to visit the Campaign for Real Milk site.  There are tons of articles explaining the benefits of raw milk.  And, before you go buying milk from just anyone, do your research.  Make sure that the milk is from grass-fed cows/goats in a clean environment.  If you don't have a dairy or a neighbor where you can get good raw milk, you can probably find lightly pasteurized milk in your local health food store.  That's a great way to start!  :-)


Kelly said...

I miss my raw goats milk! I'm having trouble getting the new mama to let down her milk for me, and the "old timers" are all pregnant and in their dry period. They are due just before Memorial Day, and then two weeks after that I can start milking and should have LOTS of fresh raw milk again!

worryfreemom said...

Hurray! Every time I have to go buy eggs, I wish I had chickens! I bet you are feeling the same way about milk! ;-)


Kelly said...

Can you have chickens where you are? I don't buy milk from the store, we just go without. I was getting enough to at least make yogurt but haven't for a couple of weeks now.

worryfreemom said...

No, no pets where we are. :-( But I do have some friends with farms,and I think we will be able to buy chickens and 'board' them to get eggs! So exciting! :=)

Josi Bunder said...

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